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September Heated Update

Welcome to the fall of 2019. Hot day here in Pennsylvania…a little too hot for my liking (given the month). I already made the switch to autumn clothing a couple weeks ago and have been enjoying extra pockets and the snap in my step from the crisp air; how about you? I’d rather be singing Oktoberfest songs while lifting a cold liter stein (Maß) of German beer than sweating though yet another sweltering remnant of summer.

Today’s heat wave was a speed-bump that slowed my anticipation of the forthcoming cool bright weather and the smell of autumnal change. While driving home on the devoid-of-shade highway from my teaching gig in Delaware, the incessant beating sun bounced around in my car (yes, no AC). Both this and a movie recommendation from a student (earlier in the morning) motivated me to seek shelter in a movie theater by journey’s end. Ahh, dark and womb-like, a perfect temperature. The movie was great and the lingering wave of emotions that carried with me after the credits somehow made the blast of hot air, upon exiting the theater, negligible. I still had tears on my face as I walked out. Their coolness evaporating as the parking lot punched its heat waves under my chin and cheeks.

Now I’m home. I’d like to share some updates regarding my musical endeavors if you care to read. I’ll share them in a series of posts as I write them. Coming soon, need to pour something cool to drink.

Talk soon

Brett William Kull

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