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Client Testimonials

Kevin Wiggins

Songwriter, Snacks

Shilough Hopwood. 

Songwriter, Honeychurch

“I needed to find someone to help me hammer these tracks together - to transfer what I hear in my head into the real world; meaning, someone with the skills and technical knowledge to carve them into shape like a sonic gem-cutter. I knew (Brett) by reputation. I decided my prayers had been answered: this was the technical finesse combined with natural musicality that I was looking for.”  

“Brett Kull is an unassuming master of all things studio. The ease with which he dials up clean and present sounds is a constant source of amazement (and envy) for me. Whenever I work with Brett, whether as producer, co-producer, or creative collaborator, I ALWAYS learn something. He is a wonderful teacher with zero ego and tons of enthusiasm and positive energy. Working with sound ultimately involves working with people, and Brett has taught me as much about the psychology of the studio as he has the science of the studio. Working with Brett you will always walk away with a good time, good memories, and good music for your archives."

“I highly recommend Brett Kull as a producer, engineer, and a musician. I was fortunate enough to record my solo album with Brett. The time he spent working with me and the attentiveness he showed in the studio were second to none. He is brilliant; a musical prodigy; yet, he is exceptionally easy to work with. I have learned so much from him in the short time I've known him. He is experienced in every facet of the recording process and his passion for what he does is contagious! I would never work with anyone else!"


“Working with Brett on multiple projects was an absolutely awesome and incredible experience. He's the paint brush to the painting, the pencil to the drawing, and in our case, the glue to our songs. He not only would challenge us to go further, but would make us look at the piece of work from all angles, twist it inside out and turn it upside down. The toughest thing about being an artist is getting a final result that is remotely close to what you are looking for, we're all perfectionists to our craft. Brett got us there.


On the musicianship side I've never worked with anyone better. He'd add an element that was the finishing touch to a song, or a harmony that took your ears to a brand new level. I remember going to the studio one day with an idea, needing a bridge, he was always on that same wavelength. He sat at the ivories and came up just what we were looking for and it helped finish the song. The studio experience with Brett was also one of the best times I've had as a musician. He's such a humble person, no arrogance from what he's accomplished and who he's played with. It transcends into the studio where he's right there with you helping get the "right" take on a song. After all it's all about the song. His production and tireless work ethic will get you what you are looking for. Peace and Good music!."

Lindsey McKay. 

Solo Artist.

Rich Rodowicz. 

Songwriter, The Roddies

“I have worked with Brett on a large number of projects -- everything from short soundtracks to full-length albums, and in many different styles to boot -- and his attention to detail, expertise in regards to equipment and recording techniques, and ear for sound placement has been invaluable in making my recordings come to life. Whether recording from scratch or working with pre-recorded material, his ability to open up the sonic field and make things breathe has made otherwise mundane mixes sound expansive. In addition, he has gone above and beyond the call of duty numerous times to ensure that my projects were getting the attention he felt they deserved. He is never one to settle for just being 'satisfied' with a final product. For someone as nitpicky as I am when it comes to mixes, his patience and enthusiasm for getting things right (and at a very reasonable price!) has ensured that whenever a new project comes along there is no question who I'll be turning to to make it sound as great as it possibly can."

Scott Radway

Songwriter, Solo Artist

“Brett Kull is a jerk. Are you kidding me? I’m reading all this sycophantic lip-flapping and I have to say…Are you @#!@$ing kidding me!!?? I came to him and asked for—scratch that—flat out DEMANDED that he take my mediocre project and keep it mediocre. No more, no less. I asked that he not become invested in the project at all. I asked that he not utilize his 753 years of recording experience or his instrumental virtuosity to lift my project beyond its preferred state of sublime banality. I asked that he not introduce me to one of the greatest drummers alive today; a drummer who plays with a simultaneous measure of feeling and control. I asked that he not talk me out of microscopic self-obsession, or my powerful urges to go back and re-obsess after being talked out of obsessing. And of the highest importance, I asked that we not attempt to engage in any sort of camaraderie or develop a kind of emotional, mutual appreciation. And yes, friendship was completely out of the question. So, was Brett able to stick to my very thorough outline and fulfill the above-mentioned requests? No, sir, he failed utterly and completely at every turn. Damn you, Brett Kull. You took something that was very much “okay”, and made it super-awesome. There is a clause in my contract stating: “The cost of ALL SERVICES will be refunded in full if a state of Awesome is reached either by malicious intent, or simple human error.” Anyway, the guy owes me a freaking refund. ”  

Tiras Buck 

Singer, Songwriter

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