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A One-Stop Shop

I’ve been playing and enjoying music my whole life. I just do it because I innately find it an easy way to express myself and release emotions. What I do isn’t just a paycheck. I care deeply about artistic expression and have a great empathy towards others who do the same. I listen.  My rates are $60/hr for recording, mixing, and production. Give me a call or email for a quote based on your project. 215 828 9598 or


Learning about audio engineering was a natural thing to do because it is a huge part of what I like about music –the capturing of it to share with others not present at the moment it was made.


Recording Engineering and Project Production


Audio recording/engineering is as much about “getting out of the way” as it is “understanding audio fundamentals and music." To be transparent in these processes is paramount. I understand the things that enable music to shine out to its potential. This has nothing to do with transcending thoughts of grandeur and rock-stardom… it’s about basic audio principles and natural talent. I’ve spent a long time making mistakes, learning why I made those mistakes, and getting better at what I do. This applies to how I play a musical instrument or turn a knob. I listen.


I still make mistakes. I love these occasional “stumblings” because they keep me amazed at how much shit I still don’t understand. There is magic in making and capturing music. I am not bored or jaded by the process and still gasp in wonder at the talented people I get to work with. I listen and learn from them.


Producing music is a puzzle with pieces that either join together to form a picture or not. It fascinates me to no end discovering the endless ways to create a musical picture from an arrangement. There is no one way to write, play, and record a song. Sometimes music and the arranging and recording of it comes out in a burst of immediacy that blows my mind. Other times it’s an uphill process of experimentation, frustration, and finally joyous relief.


You have to be willing to go along for the ride no matter where it goes or how many times you have to get out and push. Experience and patience are key attributes. I have them both.


Session Players 

Need some help filling in some missing instruments? I'm available for guitar (electric and acoustic), bass, lap steel, mandolin, banjo, and yes, even whistling. I can also connect you with expert drum, percussion, piano/keyboards, horns, strings, vocalists, and score arrangers.








Mixing, Mastering, and Post-Production

Bring me your music to mix or master! Having someone with a fresh perspective is a valuable way to inject unbiased input into your project. I do this all the time with my own music… why not do it with yours?


Mixing: Bring me your PT sessions, or exported tracks from your DAW of choice. Get out of that basement and let me mix your music to it’s potential!


Mastering: Dynamic range is sorely missed in many of the recordings these days. If you love dynamic range, and understand the importance of the volume knob and proper equalization let me work with your music. I will do a much better job than the guy who thinks compressing and limiting the hell out of your music (to make it louder) is what mastering is all about… it’s not.


Post-Production: This entails voiceover, sound design (Foley, SFX, Ambience, Music, ADR) for video or audio presentation, original composition/scoring, audio sweetening, audio remixing and “fixing.” 

All recording sessions are hosted by Catapult Sound Studios.

220 N. Center Street, North Wales, PA.​


A good mix between analog and digital recording. Catapult offers 24 tracks of simultaneous recording (Pro Tools), a large format analog console, plenty of outboard gear and a wide range of instruments to choose from —including piano, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and effects pedals.


The live room is large enough to comfortably fit an entire band, and the control room features a couch for your sitting pleasure. We have an orange "green room" for band members to relax in with a couch, a tv, and both Wii and Playstation 2. We also have free WiFi. There are several bars and restaurants in town and a large park one block over..



I accept cash, check, and PayPal.  Checks made payable to my company – Area 602.

Rates: $60/hr

Payment is due in full at the end of booked session(s) unless we agree on a different plan. An invoice/receipt will be provided.

Sessions begins and ends at agreed time. This includes load in and load out and whether you are present or not. If we book a session from x to y please try to be punctual. Obviously traffic, sick pets, and alien abductions can occur but consideration of time goes a long way with me and will be reciprocated.

Cost of piano tuning is generally between $80-100 and, if needed, is done at an additional cost to the session. Tuning is done before your session starts at an arranged time by studio. Receipt from piano tuner will be given to you. I try to keep the piano in tune but it IS an acoustic instrument with lots of little mechanisms and strings moving around. Hey, if I need to use it for one of my personal projects I pay to have it tuned.

At the end of a project I can burn a Master CD for you. I can also send you various mixed songs via Drop Box or other online digital sharing methods. It is your responsibility to bring a Hard Drive so that we can back up your project. I will not store your session indefinitely on my Hard Drives.

More suggestions:
Bring extra batteries, extra strings, picks, lyric sheets, drum sticks, drum heads, cables, respective instruments, good ideas, patience, a great disposition and positive attitude. Leave your ego and rock star persona outside because they will disturb the REAL musicians at work!!!

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