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My Music

This page is a tidy spot to share some of my music. You’ll see my solo albums, my band projects with Rise Twain and echolyn and my work with Grey Eye Glances. In addition to this I’ve created a spot for the music I’ve made for film/video... all of which is available for purchase on Bandcamp, CD Baby and iTunes.

Purchase Orangish-Blue

Open Skies Exploding

Most recent solo album from January 2016. Developing songwriting skills while constantly looking for an authentic presentation that represents my lyrical content. Features Jeremy Beck, Francis Dunnery, and Jim Hines

Purchase Last of the Curlews
The Last of the Curlews

My most recent release, the title "Last Of The Curlews" comes from a story by Fred Bodsworth. I never read the book, though I own it. An animated version of the story was aired back in 1972 when I was a little kid. Even though my memory of being 5 or 6 is spotty at best I do clearly remember the feeling of watching the Emmy Award winning ABC After School Special with my mom and brother Greg. My other brother Tim was maybe 2 and probably sleeping or chewing on our Hot Wheels cars and/or G.I. Joe's. It was late afternoon before my dad came home and we watched this cartoon about the annihilation of a bird called the Eskimo Curlew. As the story unfolded we saw the last two (a male and female) desperately searching the each other – the last of their kind. Needless to say a hunter brought the tale to a horribly sad ending leaving my mom, brother and I all sobbing. It was this sad early memory that kept haunting me as I went deep into subconscious places to try and capture the essence of these songs.


Rise Twain - Debut album

Release on InsideOut Music Sept 6th 2019. JD Beck and I co-wrote this album of powerful songs. It features the two of us singing and playing all the instruments with special guests - Jordan Perlson and John Bicer on drums. Check it out! 

Purchase Orangish-Blue

This solo album from February 2002 is the first collection of my own music that echoes my childhood influences and shows my love of strong melodies. My brother Greg as well as Dwayne Keith (Grey Eye Glances) contributed to some of the words.

Grey Eye Glances on iTunes
Commissioned Works

This collection of music was written for reasons other than those of a personal nature, i.e., I was commissioned to write them. With that said, I absolutely love these creations and they are indicative of my musical tastes and creativity. They are all me.


Creating music to draw out the intent of a visual is such a cool process. Because music is such a powerful catalyst for emotional response it can override many other art forms with its visceral connotation. When a visual and its corresponding music are working together to elicit a “vibe” it’s a double whammy for the creator(s) who are trying to connect with an audience. I have included some of my favorites in this collection and have grouped them to coincide with the project I was working on so that you can get a sense of cohesion. Lastly I want to mention that though the specific projects these “songs” were written for were “one-offs and have faded into obscurity I am very proud of them. They seemed a bit lonely collecting on a dark hard drive with no one to listen to their voices. Kick back, close your eyes, and embrace their freedom from the vault!

Visit Echolyn on Bandcamp

Echolyn's style has been termed updated progressive rock, due to the band's muscianship and highly professional members — vocalist Ray Weston, guitarist/vocalist Brett Kull, keyboard player Chris Buzby, bassist Tom Hyatt and drummer Paul Ramsey. After honing their instrumental prowess and close harmony vocals on three independent releases, Echolyn was signed by Sony and released its major label album, "As the World" in 1995. Amazingly the band continues to grow in poularity and garner more respect because of a seemingly endless well of growth and musical inspiration. 

Grey Eye Glances on iTunes
Grey Eye Glances​

I was fortunate to be able to work with Jen, Dwayne, and Eric for so many years. They have become my closest friends and I thank them openly for all they have given me. Between 1996 and 2006 Grey Eye Glances wrote, recorded, and toured a hell-of-a lot. We’ve played all over the United States in countless bookstores, cafés, radio shows, clubs, theaters, and people’s homes. We made a lot of great music together and I would be terribly apathetic if I didn’t include them in my musical Résumé. In the albums we released you’ll hear beautiful melodies and great musical hooks, all bolstered by solid musicianship. I was privileged to be able to contribute as a songwriter and engineer as our relationship grew over the years. Check out these albums!!

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