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Spring 2022

Springtime is here in the U.S. Northeast. Been in the “midst” (today’s Wordle choice) of a lot of music. The past two years has been chock-full of musical projects. I’d like to mention a few of them in this overdue post.

First, how have you been? I know, that’s a deep question given the past two years and everything that has swirled around us, some good, some bad. I sincerely hope you are ok, you lean towards kindness, use critical thinking in the best and worst of moments, and be grateful this in not the Middle Ages (I’m reading Dan Jones’ new history book, Powers and Thrones, and can’t help but feel thankful I am alive NOW and NOT ANYTIME THEN!) Context and perspective do wonders for my wellbeing when the “noise” gets too overwhelming in our present… beer and wine helps too. ;-)

I have two recent projects I want to mention that are making their way into the public sphere. I produced, engineered, played, and mixed them; actually, I mastered this first mention...

This is a full-length new album of pure pop sweetness drizzled in a coating of singer-songwriter chocolate sprinkles.

I love every one of these songs. Go to his Bandcamp page and check out the tunes and various videos we created!

I’m lucky to work with talented artists like Mitch that still have a fire in them to write music after all their years doing so, only gaining experience and clarity in their craft. I’ll put an iTunes link in his picture below. Bandcamp offers a better model for songwriters than iTunes album downloads, but both are fine and by far better than streaming services where artists receive insulting payments for listens…but more on that in a future blog.

Check out his album – it’s damn good and authentically presented!!

2. Katie Barbato’s – The Trail of Us

The pre order for this album is available now with 4 songs ready for download on Bandcamp. The full album is coming out June 10th.

The album features Jeremy Beck on piano and backing vocals, Jordan Perlson on drums, and Michael Ronstadt on cello. The rest of the sounds are generated by me and Katie, and damn, this is a five-star creation for all seasons and moods! The Trail of Us is the third album I’ve worked on with Katie and yet again filled with sublime style and a consistent demonstration of her unique songwriting. Some of the songs make me weep, still. “Time Is an Illusion”, “Tightrope”, and “What’s Wrong with the World” embody this quality.

We tracked the album in the thick of the pandemic, persevered, found solace and inspiration, and made it ours. I’m not a proud kind-of guy, but I think I can use the “P” word for this album without regret or hesitation.

I’ll have echolyn and Rise Twain updates and will add more to these two above mentioned projects in the coming days and weeks. Thanks for reading, listening, and supporting original, unique songwriters that continue to love and care for this beautiful craft

Brett William Kull

7 May 2022


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