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Frequently Asked...

What kind of stuff do you record?


Anything. Rock, pop, jazz, metal, folk, indie, classical, prog, whatever. I’ve recorded string quartets, German horn ensembles, accordion performers, voice over talent, vocal ensembles, Harp, disco, trance, rap, R&B, electronica, hip-hop, and small animals.

Where is Your Studio Located?

My recording sessions take place at Catapult Sound located at 220 N Center Street, North Wales, PA 19454 - Map It.

Can we check out the studio and meet you?

Of course you can. I’d be glad to schedule a time for you to do that. We can meet and discuss how I may be of service. This will not cost you any money.

Any Hidden Costs?

If you want to use the piano, the charge to tune it will be between $80 and $100. You will be charged for this. With that said, sometimes the piano is in tune from a previous session and you will luck out. If you intend on using it let me know and I’ll check the tuning and make arrangements if necessary.

What kind of gear do you use?

Here’s a link to the equipment list at Catapult Studio where I do much of my freelance work.

Can I just rent Catapult Sound studio and bring in my own engineer?

Yes, but your engineer needs to talk to the studio owners first so they can assess the experience of the engineer. 1 (267) 662 9000

Can I turn up early and set up my gear?

No. The session “start and end” times are when the session begins and ends, easy as that.

When is the session over?

When everything is packed up and backed up. I will provide you with an invoice for the time between your booked start time and this end time. 

What if I’m late?

Being punctual in the professional world means you care and respect your time and mine. My time starts based upon our agreed start time –despite you being there or not. Obviously acts of nature, death, and illness are accepted.

Do we get “time-off the clock” for a food break?

Nope, but feel free to take a break or grab a bite anytime. The studio and my time are dedicated to your project whether we take breaks or not.

Backing-up sessions?

Bring an external Hard Drive with a USB port. We will back-up to your drive at the end of your session. I will not be responsible for your project beyond our time together.

How long does it take to record a song or an album?

Good question, and unfortunately one tied to many variables. There is no single answer to those questions.
It depends on your capabilities, the instrumentation, and the expectations.

Can we play live in the studio?

Yes of course!

Do you work weekends?

I will work anytime any place because it isn’t work for me.

Are there hotels near the studio to stay overnight?

Yes. Here’s a link to locate hotels near the studio. 

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