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Rise Twain New Album

Hello! This is Brett, and I am looking at a trophy shaped glass of Stella Artois that is slowly being alleviated of its rather cold, golden, liquid bounty. I wanted to “write into” the social matrix tonight because I have some news regarding a magical project I have started that is now fully launched, rocketing into possibility.

Jeremy Beck and I started a musical endeavor back in 2018 and bounced like swirling tumbleweeds, skimming forcefully to anywhere and everywhere. Rise Twain is the name we landed on in our creative revolution and revelation. Rise Twain is the name this duo has been tattooed with to hold the occasion permanent.

Today marks the official press release from InsideOutMusic. The PR underscores our signing to the label, gives a bit of 1st and 3rd person information about who we are and what the music feels like, as well as a projected release date of 6th September, 2019. How exciting is that!!? I need to refill my Stella glass, hold on…

It’s really really really exciting!! Personally, it’s yet another serendipitous opportunity to share my music with people! New People! I get to MAKE MUSIC, yet again, with a talented force of nature. Jeremy Beck (J.D. Beck for those who want to use his nom de plume) is a songwriter I’ve wanted to work with since 2007. I produced a record of his band The Scenic Route. Recently he played on my latest album, Open Skies Exploding (2017). I noticed that he added qualities and sensibilities to my music that elevated the songs and allowed for injections of “things not my own.” When working with people I feel this use of outside, not of your own input is WHY YOU WORK WITH PEOPLE. My solo album is better because of the folks that contributed to it – Jeremy was one of those people.

So what does this all mean? Well, there is no meaning (as a philosophical question) other than what we create and ultimately attach to things, concepts, and moments. The meaning I attach to this album is deeply personal. That meaning is imbued in the notes and lyrics. But I would hope that YOU – who are reading this – will do this as well. Perhaps one of our songs will be beautifully timed with a moment worth remembering, e.g., a sunny day, a shared love, a good book, etc. I hope so. If it’s a tragic moment, that’s ok too. We all have our dragons to slay. Better to do it to music than the vacuum of silence. I hope, as was the case with me, that the new Rise Twain album will connect with you and give rise to a bloom of meaning. It’s a deep album that can usher in and hold all that you want to impart into it.

Look for it in September. Listen for updates over the summer. You’ll hear them and see them as they move in and out of these days and nights to come.

June Hugs

Brett William Kull

Rise Twain ~ J.D Beck & Brett William Kull

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