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The Moon and Katie Barbato

This past summer and fall I produced, played on, and engineered a project with an amazing songwriter ~ Katie Barbato. I am not being hyperbolic in calling her songwriting amazing. It objectively just is. I first heard her music with the 2011 album, The Millay Tapes, her tribute to the American Pulitzer Prize winning poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. I loved the album immediately! I loved it like I loved Kate Bush's first album or the first time I heard an Elliot Smith song - it was immediate.

I connect with Katie’s songs for many reasons, e.g., they are sublime, well crafted, and authentic – to name a few of the tidal pulls that draw me in. She is part of a scene close to my heart because I am part of it – the Philadelphia scene… yet she transcends it.

Her new album –The Art of Falling – will be available soon. I’ll share the details and expound more, as news is unveiled. I wanted to mention this today because I just got back the masters for her new album! This is always a special day in the realm of music creation. I have Katie's songs cranked up in my house as as we speak. The music is just beautiful as it echoes from room to room on this chilly last day of January. The songs warm my home. The project feels complete and underscores a "job well done" for all those involved. It is fitting that today I can smile and mark the completion of this project on a date that also includes a rare lunar occurrence, i.e., super blue blood moon! I'll definitely remember this day as I coincidently do another day spent with Katie Barbato's music. I was in the studio with her when the total solar eclipse happened back in August (21st). I remember we all took a break from recording that day to gaze into the sky as the new moon moved between the sun and where we stood (eye protection was employed thankfully!). It seems Katie Barbato’s new album – The Art of Falling – has twice been christened by rare astronomical concurrences as seen from our terrestrial mother Earth. Bella Luna!!...and Bella Musica Katie!!

"M - O - O -N, that spells MOON!!"

More on this sooooon!


Bretticus Kullvania, Consul of Chateau Fornance ~ 31 January, 2018

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