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Update: 8 Jan, 2017

Hello friends! First off, thank you so much for all the wonderful responses to my paired song releases over the past three weeks. There are six songs available now and I truly am appreciative to those folks that spent their hard earned drinking money to own a piece of something I made. A heartfelt thank you for this. I am also thankful for those that took the time to give me a social thumbs-up, smiley-face, or heart-shaped icon. Fuck-it, I am humbled by all the views, plays, comments, and warm pats on the back. It’s so nice to say hi to people I have not spoken with in a long time, as well as meet new people. Of course the honeymoon glow will inevitably wear off and I’ll become a dull throb just yammering on about existential concepts that probably amount to nothing more than equivocation… but I’m harmless and my heart is in the right place with you ;-)

I’m hoping to keep the pace of my weekly installments.

The songs left are in various forms of completion, some just needing mixing and mastering, others still needing creative injection and finality. Cheer me on to the finish line (which is shrouded up ahead)! I have a beautiful video for one of the songs almost done as well. It’s feels very powerful to me. It’s weird, I was fretting about what songs to release, when to release them, and in which combination they should be paired… but now, well, they are matter-of-factly dictating their own agenda. Determinism folks! Freewill is an illusion (at least that's my story for now). I really need to let go and enjoy the ride while I can ;-)

Speaking of a wild ride, I’m headed to England next week for a mini tour of sorts with my friend Francis Dunnery, but I’ll try and have a couple songs in the oven, ready to go to help keep our hearts and bellies warm during my cold absence. Wait a minute, oh right, I’m starting my master’s degree this week! Shyte, I forgot!! I need to tell my instructors I’ll be AWOL for the first classes. Thanks for the reminder! Damn, one more thing to put on the list… and less time to drink wine!

But seriously, If any of you are in close proximity to ancient Britannia (during the dates below) feel free to come out and say hello. I’ve been hired to sing a hell-of-a lot, play a few keyboards, and even less guitar. It’s a good gig with an amazing songwriter and musical force of nature – Mr. Dunnery. The band is amazing and we walk the edge of complete catastrophe and utter brilliance. You wont be able to turn away! Here are the dates and where you can get tickets. Hope to share a pint with some of you… well, I’ll have my own pint and you’ll have yours.



Francis Dunnery - Vampires 2017

Friday, January 20th - Club Academy Manchester

Saturday, January 21st - The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton

Sunday, January 22nd - Bush Hall, London.

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