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Ides of March

It’s been a while since I posted anything in depth. The Ides of March seems like a good time to do so. I’ve definitely accepted that my nature does not involve consistent social postings. For better or worse, writing my thoughts and sharing my daily experiences (in this format) does not beg for my attention. I knew and know this. I also realize (for some hidden reason) that I feel guilty and lazy for not engaging more. It’s a paralyzing dichotomy. I don’t know why this is. Does it matter, probably not? Sometimes I feel like I’m in a space ship, the last of a species, desperately trying to document and substantiate my travels to whomever or whatever unearths the inevitable posthumous planetary destination I crash-land on. I want the future beings to like me through the artifacts I leave them. I really do. I think this is because I can relate to them and the unattainable temporal divide each of us cannot cross in order to join. What I mean is that when I look at photos of Paleolithic hand paintings from deep inside ancient caves in El Castillo Spain, Arcy-sur-Cure and Lascaux in France, etc., I get a sense that the folks that crafted these hand impressions were waving to those they would never know, i.e., future versions of themselves. For me, posting a blog like this and sharing my experiences in the art of music are a way to imprint an image on something I hope is more than an ephemeral fad. Are social platforms a passing fad? I don’t think so. They just need to be “worked out” and debugged in regard to how we use and perceive them. This is a topic I won't go into now.

Last night I recorded Shilough Hopwood (from the band Honey Church) at Chateau Fornance. We drank tea (PG Tips) and tracked some acoustic guitar and vocals. We created our art as the sun settled in the West. The act of making music saves some of us. I know it has saved me. I think it has done the same for Shilough. I can’t wait till he has an album’s worth of songs to share. Beside a full album I recorded back in 2012 with him (Will you Be There With Me), I tracked a couple tunes in 2015 as well. Check out Constellations. I played acoustic guitar and keys on this track, as well as mixed and mastered it. It is very powerful, especially when the drums enter.

Next week I start a new full-length album with the songwriter Katie Barbato at the Chateau. Old guitars and an even older piano will be the backdrop to her uniquely original lyrics and melodies. Her stories are hard earned and as beautifully real as refracted light on a raindrop. I will be producing and recording the album as well as playing some of the instruments. I am lucky to be part of this. It will keep me sane and grateful to be alive this coming year. Katie’s songs and her glowing disposition inspire me to be a better songwriter and human being. She and her husband Matt are magical people that live in the Shire (really). When I go to their house I am separate from time and get to play with mythical beasts.

What about my band echolyn? Where do we exist as of this moment? Chris, Ray, and I have been alive on our island making music. It has been incredibly easy as well as healing to create music with my friends of many years. It sometimes surprises me how quickly we work together. The three of us are so open, aware, and supportive of each other that we have no hindrances due to ego related stumbling blocks. Nothing is sacred except the formation of a great song and our gathering. We’ve been bouncing back and forth between the Chateau and Chris’s tree house for our writing sessions. Next weekend Ray and I will board the hovercraft, crank up some metal and 70s AM Gold, and head down the river to Chris's mighty tree house on the island. More to come with this development soon!

Lastly, I want to paint a cool story representing a new album that is coming out soon. The title of the story and band is Rise Twain. I can picture hands reaching outward against the impermanence of existence… singing. In their words they cry out with desire and wanting, ideation and devaluation, existential defense, rumination, prayers, resignation, blame, and love.

For the past year Jeremy Beck and I have been diligently writing and recording an album. It is done. Ten songs mixed and mastered and ready to go! Here are the titles:

Everspring, Death of Summer, Oh This Life, The Range, Lit Up, Golden, Prayers, Falling Skies, Into A Dream, That Is Love.

Jeremy and I wrote and performed the songs. Jeremy plays piano and sings lead & backing vocals. He is one of the best singers I’ve ever worked with. This is not hyperbole, I've worked with many. I play guitars, bass, percussion, some keys, and sing lead & backing vocals. Our voices create a unique combination as a duo. Jordan Perlson plays drums on half the tracks and John Bicer plays drums on the other half. Both guys did a spectacular job. I mixed the album and Kimberly Rosen from Knack Mastering mastered it. She did a stellar job! We can’t wait till you hear it! We will create some videos once we have a release date. We will play some shows in a perfect world.

Thanks for taking a gander at this post. If you didn’t relate, that’s ok too. There are plenty of cat pictures and snapshots of food platters elsewhere to make you feel good about yourself and are certainly more relatable than this monstrosity of metaphoric ramblings and self-promotion.

Charmingly yours

Brett William Kull ~15 March, 2019

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