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Songwriters I Work With

This past year I produced, mixed and mastered an album for a songwriter, Michael Wexler, called The General Store. Michael is a writer of books, media guy, and all around idea generator. He’s a fearless, authentic cat that careens towards projects in a very exciting way. I loved working with him, the conversations we dove into, and being able to play music to his ideas – a one of a kind guy. He has a sort of Velvet Underground/Daniel Johnston/Dylan, rawness that I liked. It’s hard to pull that unadulterated realism off. He did. My job was to keep his focus, support the emotional intent of the words with musical color, not let him drink too much whiskey, and know when to not get in the way.

I just listened to The General Store for the first time since it came out. I usually give myself some space away from a project when i'm done so I can gain perspective. Listening back with fresh ears I really loved it; it’s so simple, potent and true to Michael! He and I wanted it to be a “man and his guitar” kind of album. This is the backbone indeed: Mike sitting on a stool, strumming an old beat-up electric Gibson guitar through a shitty solid-state guitar amp, while singing live in a room over the din. I love the hiss and bleed. I love the stumbling chords and rhythms as Michael places his lyrical phrases. Check it out; some interesting songs from a unique artist.

Brett William Kull ~ 27 January, 2018

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