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Social Collective

Tokyo Narita Airport - Alone with a large Sapporo beer

Keeping socially plugged-in is not a function I prioritize to the top shelf of my to-do list. i just find myself involved in "other stuff"... then simply doing it. Is this a narrow existence in temporal terms? I don't know. What do you think? Being social is a fundamental part of our human experience and I definitely love a good conversation. With that said, pontificating about one's self on social media sites is not the kind of conversation I am drawn towards. I see the function of this as egocentric, business/platform driven, and yes obviously performing a service to administer to our social needs in regard to: feeling not alone, giving purpose to our lives, and allowing creative expression. I get it. I also think social media is changing the world in a positive way... but that's another discussion for another blog post.

So here I am, probably thinking way too much about what is construed in our current culture as ubiquitous and "normal." Am I writing this blog as some sort of disclaimer to counter my overly sensitive, insecure rationale that asks, "Why the heck would people give a damn about me?" The simple answer is yes. The long answer is affirmative. I'll try my best to curb my social anxiety as I dip my toe a bit more in the social collective.

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