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What the hell is a Tiras Buck??

Who the heck is Tiras Buck? What the hell is a Tiras Buck?? After working in the realm of said person and mythical force I now know. Let me describe this enlightening experience:

The mythical force called Tiras Buck brought (to catapult sound) a giant antiquated digital device with beautiful musical creations trapped inside. My first job was to free these ideas from the box they were created in. With the help of a big book and lots of buttons and scrolls we were able to point the music of Tiras Buck towards sweet liberation.

Once free, the power of 3/4 and 6/8 overwhelmed me. These time signatures have always had a hypnotizing quality on my psyche and to my surprise the entity known as Tiras Buck also innately felt this. Then I heard the vocals…

Who sings like this? What person can unleash these kinds of sounds from their core? –Tiras Buck can.

The combination of these melodies and lyrics are a force, simple as that. It’s a force like electromagnet energy or gravity; they affect and then generate effects. Music like this flows because the force behind it (Tiras Buck) is wonderfully natural, spontaneous, and devoid of pretense.

Songs for Parked Cars is the name of album by Tiras Buck. I sat in the parked car that Tiras Buck sat in. I got Paul Ramsey (drums) to sit in that same car. We shut the fuck up and just listened. Paul knows all about songs in and for parked cars, and he made sure his drums fit perfectly into the back seat. I did the same thing with my guitars and bass.

Tiras Buck sings in a language I understand completely. It’s a collage of notes, words, and melodies that make sense to me. As listeners we attach our own understanding and meaning to what is conveyed to us. Tiras Buck manages to convey a beautiful subjective image with his objective intent through his own subjective impressions. That’s the beauty of music right – connect-ability? That’s what any artist wants to do. Tiras does it in an original and unfettered way that I not only understand but also would aspire to.

Check this album out!

Brett William Kull

Some words from Tiras himself...

Brett Kull is a jerk. Are you kidding me? I’m reading all this sycophantic lip-flapping and I have to say…Are you @#!@$ing kidding me!!?? ARE YOU ALL @#$%&ing KIDDING ME!!???? I came to him and asked for—scratch that—flat out DEMANDED that he take my mediocre project and keep it mediocre. No more, no less. I asked that he not become invested in the project at all. I asked that he not utilize his 753 years of recording experience or his instrumental virtuosity to lift my project beyond its preferred state of sublime banality. I asked that he not introduce me to one of the greatest drummers alive today; a drummer who plays with a simultaneous measure of feeling and control well beyond…well, I just didn’t think it was possible. I asked that he not talk me out of microscopic self-obsession, or my powerful urges to go back and re-obsess after being talked out of obsessing. And of the highest importance, I asked that we not attempt to engage in any sort of camaraderie or develop a kind of emotional, mutual appreciation. And yes, friendship was completely out of the question. In fact, one of the stipulations of our contract specifically stated that I would refer to him only as, “Robot 1.”

So, was Brett able to stick to my very thorough outline and fulfill the above mentioned requests? No, sir, he failed utterly and completely at every turn. My project was filled with dense, emotive guitars. The drumming, performed by Echolyn bandmate, Paul Ramsey, was just too damn good for songs trying desperately to hold the line at mediocrity. And against my wishes, Brett immersed himself in my project, offering suggestions and guidance every step of the way until we had something far greater than what was initially presented. Lastly--and this may have happened at gun point but I’m a little hazy when it comes to the specifics—our shared experience resulted in friendship (the other, other F-word). And ….we hugged a lot. SON OF A #%##$!!!!!! Damn you, Brett Kull. You took something that was very much “okay”, and made it super-awesome. There is a clause in my contract stating: “The cost of ALL SERVICES will be refunded in full if a state of Awesome is reached either by malicious intent, or simple human error.” I believe that’s Clause B, under Subsection 42J; it’s basically a whole section defining happiness, joy and quality, and how these states are absolutely unacceptable. Anyway, the guy owes me a freaking refund. Okay, I’m going to lay off the humor (only for a sec) to close us out:

Brett, you pulled me through, brother. We did it. WE DID IT! Can…can…can I go to sleep now? HUGS!!!! Tiras Buck Singer, songwriter

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