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echolyn blog: Song #8 writing session

Last Thursday my band echolyn got together as per our weekly writing sessions. We decided to tackle a new song (#8) after just completing a tricky rocker the previous Thursday. Ray had an idea that Paul and I had loosely worked on last summer – for an outside festival we annually play. I liked the tune and wanted to see where it could go within the echolyn dynamic.

There must have been some good vibes in the night air because we locked onto a beautiful arrangement very quickly. It happened so fast that we all stood in shock upon its completion. We needed a song like this to give us a boost…. And it came at a perfect time.

Our demo recording process is a generally just done with a U87 on an omni setting in the middle of the room. That’s what you’ll hear in this video blog. I also cut in some footage of us working on an older song (Accumulated Blur) back in 2007. That song was the moment when we locked onto something different… that would inspire us for the rest of our 2012 release.

This new song has something special to it that reminds me of the session for Accumulated Blur.

Next week, we’ll track the drums and various instruments for solid working demos of song #7 and the one you hear in this video (#8). More to come! Take care b

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