Triggers and Lovers: A Collection of Skeletons by Brett William Kull

Triggers and Lovers: A Collection of Skeletons by Brett William Kull

This collection of music was written for reasons other than those of a personal nature, i.e., I was commissioned to write them. With that said, I absolutely love these creations and they are indicative of my musical tastes and creativity. They are all me. Creating music to draw out the intent of a visual is such a cool process. Because music is such a powerful catalyst for emotional response it can override many other art forms with its visceral connotation. When a visual and its corresponding music are working together to elicit a “vibe” it’s a double whammy for the creator(s) who are trying to connect with an audience. I have included some of my favorites in this collection and have grouped them to coincide with the project I was working on so that you can get a sense of cohesion. Lastly I want to mention that even though the specific projects these “songs” were written for were “one-offs” which have faded into obscurity, I am very proud of them. They seemed a bit lonely collecting on a dark hard drive with no one to listen to their voices. Kick back, close your eyes, and embrace their freedom from the vault!


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